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Session 2024-Week 6

This week was very productive in Annapolis, as five more of Senator Bailey’s sponsored bills advanced out of Senate committees. On Thursday, the Judicial Proceedings Committee voted unanimously in support of two bills from Senator Bailey’s public safety agenda for this session.  The first, Senate… Read More »Session 2024-Week 6

Session 2024-Week 5

On Thursday, the Senate passed Senator Bailey’s first two bills of the 2024 Legislative Session.  Senate Bill 108, which increases a tax deduction for police auxiliaries and reserve volunteers, and Senate Bill 166, which would study implementation of a system to warn Marylanders about waterway… Read More »Session 2024-Week 5

Session 2024-Week 4

On Tuesday, the Senate’s Budget and Taxation Committee gave a favorable report to Senate Bill 108.  This legislation was introduced by Senator Bailey to combine the current tax deductions for volunteer fire, rescue, and emergency medical services members and police auxiliaries and reserve volunteers so… Read More »Session 2024-Week 4

Session 2024-Week 3

This week, Senator Bailey had his first eight bill hearings of the 2023 Legislative Session.  On Tuesday, the Senator presented two bills to the Senate’s Education, Energy, and the Environment Committee.  The first, Senate Bill 152, would exempt individuals receiving support from certain government programs… Read More »Session 2024-Week 3

Session 2024-Week 2

Today is the end of the first full week of the 2024 Legislative Session.  One of Senator Bailey’s top priorities continues to be passing legislation to improve public safety in Maryland.  In addition to bills that he has introduced to increase the maximum sentences for… Read More »Session 2024-Week 2

Session 2024 – Week 1

On January 10, the General Assembly convened for the 2024 legislative session.  Senator Bailey proud to have once again introduced a comprehensive legislative agenda of 15 bills intended to protect public safety, support our communities, expand hunting and fishing rights, and protect consumers and small… Read More »Session 2024 – Week 1