Jack Bailey

Session 2023-Week 11

Happy Maryland Day!  Senator Bailey was honored to have the opportunity to speak yesterday at Historic St. Mary’s City to celebrate the anniversary of Maryland’s founding.  In his remarks, the Senator shared how the State is continuing to support HSMC and helped to honor those… Read More »Session 2023-Week 11

Session 2023-Week 10

Monday is crossover day for the 2023 Legislative Session.  This is the date by which the Senate and the House must pass a bill for that bill to be guaranteed a hearing in the opposite chamber, giving them a greater chance of passing this year… Read More »Session 2023-Week 10

Session 2023-Week 9

Today, another one of Senator Bailey’s sponsored bills passed out of its Senate committee.  Senate Bill 336, which would establish a workgroup to study the creation of a Waterway Incident Notification System (WINS) in Maryland, received the unanimous support of the Senate’s Judicial Proceedings Committee… Read More »Session 2023-Week 9

Session 2023-Week 8

This week, Senator Bailey’s legislation continued to advance through the General Assembly.  Senate Bill 275, which will require snares, traps, and other similar devices used for hunting to have an identification number, passed the Senate on Thursday.  On Friday, Senator Bailey presented Senate Bill 457,… Read More »Session 2023-Week 8

Session 2023-Week 7

Today marks the halfway point of this year’s legislative session.  This week, Senator Bailey’s legislative priorities continued to advance through the Senate.  Senate Bill 91, which would allow a person under the age of 17 to renew or reapply for an apprentice hunting license, passed… Read More »Session 2023-Week 7

Session 2023-Week 6

This week, two more of Senator Bailey’s bills continued advancing through the Senate.  Senate Bill 69, which creates a uniform process for collecting positive community feedback about law enforcement officers, and Senate Bill 74, which treats drunk driving and drunk boating the same when considering… Read More »Session 2023-Week 6

Session 2023-Week 5

On Thursday, two more of Senator Bailey’s bills passed the Senate.  Senate Bill 10, which would give Marylanders the option to obtain more licenses from the Department of Natural Resources electronically, and Senate Bill 102, which would expand exemptions in law for children under 16… Read More »Session 2023-Week 5

Session 2023-Week 4

Senator Bailey’s first bill of the session passed the Senate this week.  On Thursday, Senate Bill 80, which would reinstate a license to catch invasive species of catfish, was approved unanimously.  This bill now goes to the House of Delegates for their consideration. The Senate’s… Read More »Session 2023-Week 4

Session 2023-Week 3

On Wednesday, Senator Bailey presented four bills related to natural resources to the Senate’s Education, Energy, and the Environment Committee.  These bills included Senate Bill 10, which would give Marylanders an option to carry most licenses, permits, and stamps issued by the Department of Natural… Read More »Session 2023-Week 3