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Jack Bailey

Week 12 Update

This week, three more of Senator Bailey’s bills passed the Senate.  These include Senate Bill 117 and Senate Bill 132, two bills which would provide additional tax relief to volunteer police auxiliary and reserve officers and expand the ability of local governments to provide property… Read More »Week 12 Update

Week 11 Update

Happy Maryland Day!  The Senate took time during today’s floor session to commemorate the anniversary of Maryland’s founding, and Senator Bailey looks forward to participating in the observances of Maryland Day at Historic St. Mary’s City tomorrow. Redistricting Ruling Today, a judge in Anne Arundel… Read More »Week 11 Update

Week 10 Update

With Monday’s chamber crossover deadline approaching, Senator Bailey continued to work to advance his legislative agenda.  A number of the Senator’s bills passed out of Committee this week, including Senate Bill 517 – Criminal Procedure – Location Information, Senate Bill 581 – Public Safety –… Read More »Week 10 Update

Week 9 Update

On Tuesday, Senator Bailey presented two bills related to education and public safety.  The first, Senate Bill 583, would create a system for parents to report classroom disruptions to the Maryland Center for School Safety to collect data on disruptions and ensure that local school… Read More »Week 9 Update

Week 8 Update

On Tuesday, Senator Bailey presented four bills to the Senate’s Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee to protect our waterways and Marylanders who make a living as watermen.  Two of the bills pertained to fishing.  The first, Senate Bill 455 – Chesapeake Bay and Coastal… Read More »Week 8 Update

Week 7 Update

On Thursday, two more of Senator Bailey’s bills passed the Senate.  Senate Bill 79 – Higher Education – Senatorial Scholarships – Program Accreditation and Senate Bill 454 – Marine Contractor License – Authorization, Requirements, both, passed unanimously.  These bills will now go to the House… Read More »Week 7 Update

Week 6 Update

On Monday night, the Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 68 – Sexual Offenses – Crime of Violence and Lifetime Supervision, which Senator Bailey introduced to strengthen Maryland’s laws protecting minors against sexual abuse.  This bill now goes to the House of Delegates for their consideration.… Read More »Week 6 Update

Week 5 Update

This week, Senator Bailey presented three more bills to Senate Committees.  On Tuesday, the Senator testified in support of Senate Bill 454 – Marine Contractor License – Performance of Services – Licensing Requirements and Fees which is a priority for our local governments, particularly in… Read More »Week 5 Update

Week 4 Update

Today, the Judicial Proceedings Committee unanimously approved Senate Bill 68 – Sexual Offenses – Crime of Violence and Lifetime Supervision.  This legislation is sponsored by Senator Bailey and is intended to help protect children from some of the most heinous crimes imaginable, specifically felony sexual… Read More »Week 4 Update

Week 3 Update

Senator Bailey returned to floor of the Senate on Wednesday after testing positive for COVID last week.  He would like to thank everyone who has contacted him in the last week for their kind words and well-wishes. This week, Senator Bailey introduced five more bills… Read More »Week 3 Update