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Process for New Catfish Trotline Licenses or Snakehead Licenses

I want to share with you information that my office has received from the Department of Natural Resources regarding how to apply for commercial fishing licenses that the Department is continuing to process.  This includes a commercial Invasive Catfish Finfish Trotline License that was created by legislation passed by the General Assembly in 2019.  This license costs $15, which is significantly less expensive than other commercial licenses, requires no apprenticeship or waiting period, and allows the holder to catch and sell invasive catfish.  This new license could present an opportunity for additional income for some in our community during this difficult time.

Because of their subsistence nature as well as their ability to positively contribute to the food supply chain, anyone wishing to secure the special commercial Invasive Catfish Finfish Trotline license or Northern Snakehead Bowfishing license should email their completed application form to Payment will be by credit card.  Applicants can include their credit card info in the email or it can be taken over the phone by DNR Licensing staff. The application form can be found: