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St. Clement’s Island

The St. Clements Hundred, Commissioners of St. Mary’s County (CSMC) and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) have signed a memorandum of understanding for St. Clement’s Island.  This agreement gives the St. Clement’s Hundred the legal right to continue maintaining portions of the Island, including the Blackistone Lighthouse, Bell Tower, Gazebo, and Cross Memorial.  This collaboration serves as a critical asset for the future of St. Clements Island, St. Mary’s County, and District 29, and marks another milestone in our shared efforts to protect our State’s history.  These efforts will ensure that this historical area will be maintained and preserved to ensure that everyone will be able to explore the beauty and heritage of this landmark for many years to come. 

Please visit and explore the revived St. Clement’s Island and see its true beauty shining again! My office has been proud to work with members of The Hundred, DNR, and the CSMC for the past three years to help facilitate an agreement that is supported by all parties. Everyone’s efforts to maintain St. Clement’s Island is appreciated as well as their attention and commitments moving forward.  I thank The Hundred for their efforts to maintain these portions of St. Clements Island, the Department for their willingness to work with the Hundred in addressing these concerns, the County Commissioners for their attention and commitment to this important issue. I want to also personally share my appreciation for all of the wonderful volunteers and financial contributors to the Island and the Lighthouse over the years.