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Jack’s Platform

Find out where Jack stands on the issues that matter most to you.

Public Safety

Senator Bailey, one of just four members in the Maryland General Assembly with law enforcement experience, is dedicated to supporting and protecting our first responders and law enforcement officers. He remains aware that the presence of public safety holds great importance in our community and is committed to fighting for those who protect our community. After a career in public safety for over 30 years, Senator Bailey is aware of the importance law enforcement and first responders hold in our community.

Click here for Senator Bailey’s public safety legislation.

Click here for Senator Bailey’s First Responders legislation.


Education is the key to our community’s future. Whether in K-12, special education, college preparation, or trade education, Senator Bailey is dedicated to the improvement and support of Maryland’s educational systems and institutions. Senator Bailey recognizes that funding for local K-12 school systems, community colleges, and higher education centers is necessary to provide opportunities and choices for our citizens, contributing to the economic development of Southern Maryland.

Click here for Senator Bailey’s education legislation.


Senator Bailey is committed to healthcare availability and accessible medical treatment in our community, with his work in the General Assembly reflecting this commitment. Senator Bailey is passionate about the need to continue to provide state resources to combat the opioid epidemic, expand mental health services, and utilize resources that have had a positive impact on our local communities.

Click here for Senator Bailey’s public health legislation.


With over 30 years of experience as a Natural Resources Police Officer, Senator Bailey understands the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland’s natural resources play an important role in Maryland’s economic future. As a board member of the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission (SMADC), Senator Bailey worked to restore full funding for the Southern Maryland Regional Agricultural Center (RAC), and has sponsored many natural resource-focused bills including legislation to codify Fishing and Hunting Rights to affirm their importance to Maryland’s cultural and social heritage and economy.

Click here for Senator Bailey’s natural resources legislation.

Economic Development

District 29 is incredibly diverse and is home to not only many historical sites but also a thriving Naval Base, many generational watermen and significant Amish and Mennonite communities. Senator Bailey has ensured that each of these groups are consistently well represented in Annapolis by safeguarding funds for them to receive their fair share of resources and that our local economic drivers are able to thrive.

Click here for Senator Bailey’s economic development legislation.

Issues of Local Significance

Many concerns that impact St. Mary’s and Calvert Counties must be handled at the State level; Senator Bailey believes in supporting the best interests of his constituents which is why he has been vocal in Annapolis about local control of zoning issues, giving local authority in many situations and establishing various commissions that will receive state support.

Click here for Senator Bailey’s legislation regarding issues of local significance.