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Day 17 – Supported Governor Hogan’s Vetoes

Today, Senator Bailey voted to support Governor Hogan and sustain all of his vetoes.  These bills were passed by the General Assembly in last year’s session and were vetoed by the Governor in May.

Senate Bill 1000/House Bill 1343 – Public Safety – Handgun Permit Review Board – Repeal

Senator Bailey voted to sustain the Governor’s veto and against this legislation which removes civilian oversight from the handgun permit process.  Senator Bailey sent a letter to Governor Hogan in May asking him to veto this bill, in which he wrote “the Handgun Permit Review Board provided an opportunity for Maryland’s citizens to appeal the decisions of the Maryland State Police without the additional burden of hiring an attorney.”

This bill will do nothing to stop rising violent crime in Baltimore City and only make it more difficult for law-abiding Marylanders who have already gone through the difficult process of obtaining a handgun permit to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Senate Bill 830/House Bill 720 – Natural Resources – Fishery Management Plans – Oysters

Senator Bailey voted to sustain the Governor’s veto and against this bill which would restructure the Oyster Advisory Commission and force the Department of Natural Resources to implement a new fisheries management plan for oysters.  This bill will only add more unnecessary administrative hurdles to Maryland’s oyster industry, and harm this important part of our state’s economy by spoiling any remaining good faith between watermen and environmental stakeholders.

Senate Bill 839/House Bill 994 – Labor and Employment – Criminal Record Screening Practices (Ban the Box)

Senator Bailey voted to sustain the Governor’s veto and against this bill which restricts the right of employers to know the criminal history of job applicants.

Not only is this bill another effort by this General Assembly to protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Marylanders, it is also another regulation that is placed on business owners in our State at a time when Maryland needs to become more business-friendly.

Senate Bill 537/House Bill 262 – Higher Education – Tuition Rates – Exemptions

Senator Bailey voted to sustain the Governor’s veto and against this bill which gives more illegal immigrants in Maryland the right to in-state tuition at Maryland colleges.

Senator Bailey also voted to sustain the Governor’s veto on House Bill 891 – State Personnel – Grievance Procedures.

Although these vetoes were ultimately overridden, the General Assembly sustained three of the Governor’s vetoes, meaning these bills will not become law:

Senate Bill 751 – Governor’s Appointments Office, Appointing Authorities, and the Secretary of Budget and Management – Duties and Reports

Senate Bill 252/House Bill 66 – Railroad Company – Movement of Freight – Required Crew

House Bill 1281 – Transportation – Bikeways Network Program and Central Maryland Regional Transit Plan

In addition to these considering these vetoes, as well as Committee hearings and a voting session, Senator Bailey also met with Secretary Michael Leahy from the Maryland Department of Information Technology to discuss his department’s legislative priorities for the 2020 Legislative Session.

Senator Bailey with Secretary Michael Leahy