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Day 22 – Improving Maryland Law

Last night, Senator Bailey attended a legislative reception for the State Law Enforcement Officers Labor Alliance.  He was able to meet with police officers from throughout Maryland and discuss with them ways to combat crime in Maryland.  Improving public safety is one of Senator Bailey’s priorities for this legislative session. Today, he testified before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on two more bills that he has introduced to help make Maryland safer.

Senator Bailey with representatives of Historic St. Mary’s City in Annapolis

The first bill, Senate Bill 259 – Criminal Law – Crime of Violence – Definition, alters the definition of “crime of violence” under Maryland state law to include involuntary manslaughter and sexual abuse of a minor where the offender is an adult and the victim is a minor younger than age 18.  These two changes would strengthen Maryland’s criminal laws because offenders convicted of a crime of violence are subject to additional criminal penalties under Maryland law.  At this time when Marylanders are increasingly focused on ways to stop crime in our state, this bill could be part of the solution, particularly by giving longer sentences to those who sexually abuse minors.

The second bill, Senate Bill 319 – Vehicle Laws – Move Over Safety Monitoring System – Authorization, would allow local jurisdictions to use cameras on their emergency vehicles to enforce Maryland’s Move Over Law.  Maryland’s Move Over Law requires a driver approaching an emergency vehicle that is stopped, standing, or parked to make a lane change or slow to a “reasonable and prudent speed” and to yield right-of-way and take safety precautions when being approached by an emergency or police vehicle.  This bill is an attempt to make Maryland roads safer for those first responders who protect us on a daily basis.  It does not change any current Maryland law regarding the obligation to move over or slow down for emergency vehicles, and it assesses a civil penalty of $100 against violators.

Senator Bailey also continues to meet in Annapolis with groups from District 29.  Today, the Senator met with representatives of Historic St. Mary’s City to receive updates on their ongoing and upcoming projects, and how our State government can support their efforts.