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Day 25 – Two More Bills Presented

Last night, Senator Bailey attended a joint session of the General Assembly to unveil the new statues of Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass that have been added in the State House.  Members of the House and Senate gathered outside the Old House Chamber, where the statues have been placed.  The statues are a very fitting tribute to two Marylanders who had such an important part in our nation’s history.

Today, Senator Bailey presented two more bills to the Senate’s Judicial Proceedings Committee.  The first bill was Senate Bill 320 – Criminal Procedure – Sexual Offenders – Lifetime Supervision, which would require more convicted sexual offenders to be placed in lifetime supervision.  The bill adds all circumstances of second-degree sexual offense, an attempt to commit a second-degree sexual offense, and sexual abuse of a minor, regardless of the minor’s age, as crimes that require lifetime supervision.  Currently, only some offenders who sexually abuse minors are placed under this requirement.  Senator Bailey introduced this bill because he believes this requirement should extend to all who commit heinous crimes against children.  Senate Bill 320 would protect Marylanders from offenders who have already been convicted of these crimes and reduce the number of repeat offenses.

Senator Bailey with, from left, Jaymi Sterling, Deputy State’s Attorney for St. Mary’s County; Annie Kenny, Constituent; Kathryn Marsh, Assistant Chief, Special Victims Family Violence Unit, Prince George’s County; and Senator Justin Ready following testimony for Senate Bill 320

The second bill, Senate Bill 321 – Policing Authority – Comptroller’s Office and Alcohol and Tobacco Commission, gives officers of the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission full policing powers under Maryland law. In the 2019 Legislative Session, the General Assembly established the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission.  As part of this legislation, officers of the Field Enforcement Division in the Comptroller’s Office who are responsible for enforcing Maryland’s alcohol and tobacco laws will be transferred to this new Commission.  However, these officers do not have full policing authority.  These officers are critical to enforcing our State’s laws and protecting public safety.  Many experts in this field say cigarette smuggling has provided significant funding from the United States towards Al-Qaeda and terrorism operations around the world.  Senate Bill 321 will ensure that Maryland is able to fully enforce its alcohol and tobacco laws after the authority over these laws is transferred to this Commission.

Senator Bailey also continues to work on education issues.  This morning, he met with other Senators and staff involved in the Kirwan Commission to discuss issues that are specific to more rural counties, such as Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties, and how the proposed bill to implement the Commission’s recommendations will affect District 29.  The Senator also met with members of the Maryland State Board of Education and the Maryland State Department of Education to discuss legislation this session relating to Maryland schools.