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Day 29 -Kirwan Commission

On Saturday, Senator Bailey participated in the “Fly In” Farmers’ Market at the St. Mary’s County Regional Airport.  Senator Bailey arrived at the market by helicopter along with Delegate Brian Crosby.  This farmers’ market celebrates not only St. Mary’s County’s and Southern Maryland’s agricultural heritage but also the Airport, which is an important part of our economy.  After arriving at the event, Senator Bailey met with constituents and discussed issues being considered during this session with them.

Today was the bill hearing for Senate Bill 1000/House Bill 1300 – Blueprint for Maryland’s Future – Implementation.  This bill would implement the recommendations of the Kirwan Commission which has been proposing reforms to Maryland’s educational system.  Although Senator Bailey and other Senators had a number of questions about this 172 page bill and its impact on the formulas that determine how much each county receives in education funding from the state, he was only given enough time to ask one question to Dr. Kirwan and legislative staff who were present to answer questions about the bill.  The Senator focused his question on recommendations involving career and technical education.  Senators were explicitly stopped by the committee chairs from asking questions relating to how the Kirwan proposal, which is estimated to require a multi-billion dollar annual increase in state spending, would be funded.  Senator Bailey continues to be concerned that the General Assembly ensures accountability and responsibility in the educational and financial processes associated with this legislation.

Senator Bailey also introduced another constituent for consideration by the Senate Executive Nominations Committee this evening.  The Senator introduced Sonja M. Cox to serve on the College of Southern Maryland’s Board of Trustees.  Senator Bailey is proud to support her and the other great residents of District 29 who have been appointed by Governor Hogan to serve our State.