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Day 31 – Addressing Public Health

Today, Senator Bailey was focused on addressing public health issues.  The day started with the Senator meeting with representatives of the Maryland Department of Health and Opioid Operational Command Center to discuss Senate Bill 710, Senator Bailey’s bill to give our local health officers more tools to combat the opioid epidemic.  Senator Bailey stressed the negative impacts that opioid abuse has on our communities as a whole and the effect it has had for many families in District 29.  They discussed the need for this important legislation and how it can build off of the work of previously passed legislation.  While understanding the concerns of the doctors who have expressed opposition to his bill, Senator Bailey knows how important immediate action is to fight this crisis and he is committed to pushing forward with this legislation.

Senator Bailey also met with a number of public health organizations today.  The Senator is a member of the Senate’s Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee, which is responsible for legislation that regulates various health operations.  He met with a group of dentists from Southern Maryland as well as physical therapists to discuss legislative issues affecting their professions.  Senator Bailey also met with a constituent regarding legislation that his committee has heard regarding the administration of medical cannabis in schools.  The Senator has heard from many people, including this constituent, of the benefits of this as treatment for their chronic illness.  Several students and parents testified before his committee and gave numerous examples of the struggles they are facing in administering this to their children during school.  In addition to these meetings, Senator Bailey also met with a group from the Maryland Federation of College Republicans who were visiting Annapolis, and also with representatives of the University of Maryland to discuss how important the University System is to our State.  Senator Bailey is a strong supporter of the University, particularly the University System of Maryland at Southern Maryland which is located in California.