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Day 7 – Addressing Crime in the City.

Senator Jack Bailey signing Governor Hogan’s Ethics and Accountability in Government Act, which would strengthen Maryland’s ethics laws.

On Thursday, Senator Bailey proclaimed his support to Governor Hogan’s legislative agenda by signing on to the bills that the Governor will introduce this session.  The Governor has proposed a wide range of reforms to be addressed this session.  The problem of crime in Baltimore City is worsening daily and the General Assembly needs to take action now to fight against it.  Rome is burning, and it is time for our legislators to try and put the fire out.  To address the issue of crime, the Governor has proposed four bills.  These proposals, if passed, would increase sentences for violent offenders who commit crimes with guns, toughen penalties for witness intimidation resulting in serious physical injury or death, provide for more transparency of judges’ sentencing records, and make restitution orders to victims of crimes mandatory.  These are necessary reforms to help make Marylanders safer, Senator Bailey strongly supports the Governor’s efforts to reduce crime in our State.  More information on these initiatives is available here.

In addition to these important anti-crime initiatives, Senator Bailey gave his support to legislation to help turn around schools that are failing our students, help our military, and support first responders.  He also signed on to bills that would implement a fair redistricting process for Maryland’s legislative and Congressional districts and impose stronger penalties for public officials who violate the State’s ethics laws.  Governor Hogan has taken the lead on these important issues, and Senator Bailey is hopeful that the General Assembly will pass these important accountability bills this session.