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St. Mary’s Delegation Meeting

On Tuesday, October 1, Senator Jack Bailey participated in a joint meeting of the St. Mary’s County Delegation and the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County to discuss legislation that may be introduced in the 2020 Legislative Session. The Delegation and the Commissioners considered local bill proposals that, while specific to the laws of St. Mary’s County, would have to pass the Maryland General Assembly before becoming law. This meeting gave the Commissioners and others in County Government an opportunity to bring their priorities before their state legislators, and also allowed state and county elected officials to hear from members of the public about these proposed bills.

After the meeting, Senator Bailey issued the following statement:

“I am encouraged by the progress that we made toward addressing the priorities of St. Mary’s County in the upcoming legislative session at the joint meeting of the Delegation and the Commissioners. One of my priorities as your State Senator is bringing together officials from all levels of government to make decisions that are in the best interests of the residents of District 29, and this meeting was an important step in these efforts for the 2020 Legislative Session. After participating in this dialogue with the Commissioners and Delegation, I strongly believe that we are all continuing to work toward the common goal of doing what is in the best interests of the residents of St. Mary’s County. I thank the other members of the Delegation and the Commissioners for a great meeting, and I also thank the members of the public who spoke at this meeting to give us their views about these proposed bills.

I am looking forward to having further discussions on these bills with my colleagues in the St. Mary’s County Delegation going forward as we prepare for the 2020 Legislative Session. By holding this meeting well in advance of the start of the next session, we have time to give extensive consideration to these bill requests, including the ability to consider potential amendments as may be necessary. As we move forward with the legislative process, I believe that we will be able to find common ground on these important issues and I look forward to working with officials at all levels to achieve this goal.

I encourage the residents of St. Mary’s County to review the bills that we discussed at this meeting, and continue to invite the public’s input on these important legislative initiatives.”

More information on the proposed bills that the Delegation and Commissioners considered at their October 1 meeting is available below: