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Week 1 Update

On Thursday, Senator Bailey had his first bill hearing of the Session.  Senate Bill 277, which would give local governments the authority to determine which public safety officers are eligible for local property tax credits in their jurisdiction, was heard by the Senate’s Budget and Taxation Committee.  Senator Bailey was proud to re-introduce this bill to support law enforcement officers and first responders throughout the State.  In addition, he attended his first bill hearings as a member of the Judicial Proceedings Committee, which focused on bills that are being requested by departments of the Hogan Administration.

Also this week, Senator Bailey introduced a Joint Resolution to request the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission prohibit the commercial reduction fishing of Atlantic menhaden, specifically using spotter planes and devices, in the entire Chesapeake Bay.  This resolution would prohibit the large foreign vessels that are currently overharvesting the Bay’s bait fish that are the future of our fish populations in the bay.

Next week, Senator Bailey has hearings on three more of his bills.  On Wednesday, the Senator will be presenting Senate Bill 104 – Public and Nonpublic Schools – Electric Retractable Room Partitions – Operation Requirements and Senate Bill 239 – St. Mary’s County – Public and Nonpublic Schools – Prohibition on Possession of Tobacco Products by Minors to the Senate’s Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee.  On Thursday, he will present Senate Bill 165 – Maryland Healthy Working Families Act – Applicability to the Senate’s Finance Committee.

While this Session is very different from those in the prior years, Senator Bailey and his colleagues are continuing to work as safely as possible under public health guidance.  The Senator encourages everyone to continue following CDC guidelines and stay safe during these challenging times.