Week 11 Update

Happy Maryland Day!  The Senate took time during today’s floor session to commemorate the anniversary of Maryland’s founding, and Senator Bailey looks forward to participating in the observances of Maryland Day at Historic St. Mary’s City tomorrow.

Redistricting Ruling

Today, a judge in Anne Arundel County ruled that Maryland’s Congressional district maps, which were passed by the General Assembly last December over the opposition of Senator Bailey and his Republican colleagues, are unconstitutional.  Under the judge’s ruling, the General Assembly now has until March 30 to draw a new Congressional map for this year’s elections.

Crossover Day

Monday was Chamber Crossover day, which is the day by which a bill must have passed the Senate to be guaranteed a bill hearing in the House without the bill first going to the House Rules and Executive Nominations Committee.  Senator Bailey had two more bills pass on Monday.  The first, Senate Bill 582, provides protections for landowners who allow hunters to use their property for hunting.  The second, Senate Bill 673, makes changes to the hiring and promotion process for the Natural Resources Police.

In total, ten of Senator Bailey’s bills passed the Senate before the crossover deadline:

Senate Bill 68 – Sexual Offenses – Crime of Violence and Lifetime Supervision

Senate Bill 79 – Higher Education – Senatorial Scholarships – Program Accreditation

Senate Bill 454 – Marine Contractor License – Authorization, Requirements, and Fees

Senate Bill 455 – Chesapeake Bay and Coastal Sport Fishing License and Recreational Fishing – Pilot Program and Task Force

Senate Bill 517 – Criminal Procedure – Location Information (Kelsey Smith Act for Maryland)

Senate Bill 579 – Vehicle Equipment – Highway Maintenance and Service – Green Flashing Lights

Senate Bill 581 – Public Safety – Law Enforcement Agencies – Positive Community Feedback

Senate Bill 582 – Natural Resources – Recreation on Private Land – Hunting

Senate Bill 673 – Natural Resources Police Force – Employees – Authority of Secretary

Senate Bill 876 – Water Pollution – Civil and Administrative Penalty Surcharge – Oyster Repletion Fund

These bills are now before the House of Delegates for their consideration.  Senator Bailey will continue to work towards the passage of these bills and the remainder of his legislative agenda before the end of the session.

Capital Budget Passes Senate

This week, the Senate considered and unanimously passed the State’s Capital Budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  Senator Bailey will provide more information about District specific funding allocations that have been included in the next two weeks when the budget process is completed.