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Ballot Question Information

With the 2020 General Election approaching, we have heard from many District 29 residents who have asked for more information on the two questions that will be appearing on this year’s ballot.  Question 1 and Question 2 are based on bills which passed the General Assembly during the 2020 Legislative Session.  Below is a summary of each question and how Senator Bailey voted on each bill in the 2020 Session and how he will be voting on his ballot:

If approved, Question 1 would amend the Maryland Constitution to allow the General Assembly to increase spending in and add new items to the budget submitted by the Governor.  The Constitution currently prohibits the General Assembly from increasing any budget item or adding any new items to the Governor’s budget for Executive Branch agencies.  The proposed amendment would require that total appropriation in the operating budget for the Executive Branch approved by the General Assembly cannot exceed the total proposed appropriation for the Executive Branch submitted by the Governor.  The proposed amendment further authorizes the Governor to veto items added or increased by the General Assembly for Executive Branch agencies.  Senator Bailey voted against this Constitutional Amendment.

If approved, Question 2 would allow the General Assembly to authorize sports and event wagering in the State.  If implemented, revenues from sports and event wagering would primarily be used to fund public education.  Senator Bailey voted for this bill.