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Day 40 – Crime in Baltimore City

Last night, Senator Bailey and his Senate Republican colleagues introduced an emergency bill intended to address the rampant crime in Baltimore City.  This bill would allow the Governor to declare a State of Emergency in a jurisdiction with a high murder rate.  These emergency powers would allow the Governor to deploy more resources, including more State Police officers and fire and rescue personnel, to respond to the emergency, as well as special prosecutors to assist with prosecuting violent criminals.  An emergency can be declared in a jurisdiction that has had at least three homicides per 100,000 residents in a 30-day period, a threshold that Baltimore City exceeds.  Senator Bailey is proud to support this urgent response to the urgent problem of crime in Baltimore City.  Senator Bailey is also proud to support Governor Hogan’s crime package that includes tougher sentences for violent offenders, improvement in the rights of victims and protection of witnesses, as well as more transparency which would hold judges responsible for the often too lenient sentences they are giving these violent criminals.  The Senator has also introduced two bills of his own to protect minors from sex offenders and impose stronger sentences on criminals who harm minors.  The crisis of violent crime in Baltimore is the most pressing issue facing our State right now, and while it is frustrating that the General Assembly has not yet taken the steps needed to combat this emergency, Senator Bailey is optimistic that there will be progress on this important issue in the 35 remaining days of the 2020 Legislative Session.

Also occurring yesterday, Senator Bailey attended the Watermen’s Caucus to discuss bills that he has introduced that affect Maryland’s watermen and bills that the Senator is fighting against which would endanger the future economic viability of commercial fishing, crabbing, and oyster harvesting in our State.  Senator Bailey also attended the Sportsmen’s Caucus, where he serves as Senate Chair.  The Senator discussed efforts that he is pursuing to bring the Sportsmen’s community together to expand hunting rights in Maryland while providing an opportunity for various stakeholders to provide input.

Senator Bailey also had the privilege of honoring local firefighters in the Senate.  Members of the Brady family were presented with a Senate Resolution in recognition of being the first father and two sons to be elected and serve as Chief of a Volunteer Fire Department in the State of Maryland.  Our community appreciates their continued dedication to the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department.