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Day 48

The General Assembly is continuing to meet, although access to the legislative complex is currently restricted to members and essential staff only.  The legislature will be in Session this Saturday and Sunday to ensure that critical work can be completed.  Although the Senator values hearing from constituents, please be aware that given the limited access to the complex and uncertainty of scheduling, Senator Bailey is unable to schedule any meetings at this time.  If you have any views that you want to share the ongoing legislative session, please e-mail the Senator’s office at  Thank you for your understanding and patience during these extraordinary circumstances.

While work continued on the floor, Senator Bailey passed two more bills through the full Senate.  The first bill, Senate Bill 510 – Natural Resources – Commercial Fishing – Use of Haul Seines, would allow that, if a haul seine is set on a Friday, a person may empty it during the period from 12:01 a.m. on the following Saturday until sunrise on the following Monday.  The second bill, Senate Bill 882 – Recreational Striped Bass Fishery – Study on Harvest Data, would require the Department of Natural Resources to conduct a study on methods of obtaining more accurate harvest data for the recreational striped bass fishery and to examine certain issues relevant to obtaining more accurate harvest data.  Also passing the Senate today was Senate Bill 911 – Alcohol and Tobacco Commission – Clarifications, which Senator Bailey co-sponsored as it accomplished the goals of a bill he introduced earlier this session which gives officers of the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission full policing powers under Maryland law.

Senator Bailey also passed two more bills out of committee yesterday.  Senate Bill 1025 would establish a Task Force on Fishing License Penalties to recommend to the PRFC how to use their powers to ensure that poachers who have had their license to catch, sell, buy, process, transport, export, or otherwise deal in fish in Maryland suspended or revoked to also lose their right to fish in the Potomac River.  Also, as an update to yesterday’s bill hearing, Senate Bill 1061 has been given a favorable report by the Senate’s Budget and Taxation Committee.  This bill would keep the St. Mary’s County transfer tax that goes towards the county’s capital improvement program, which funds infrastructure projects in place through 2024.

The Senator is committed to keeping everyone informed as updates become available.  Please continue to visit for the latest information from the State of Maryland on the COVID-19 outbreak.