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Day 49 – Weekend Work

Yesterday, the leaders of the Maryland General Assembly announced that the 2020 Legislative Session will adjourn on Wednesday, March 18 due to the coronavirus outbreak.  Senator Bailey is committed to using the remaining time of this session to secure passage of important bills for District 29 and all of Maryland, particularly those bills which are essential to the functions of our local governments in St. Mary’s and Calvert Counties and those bills that are necessary to the State’s response to this outbreak. With the changing conditions facing our State, Senator Bailey was in Session as well as committee on both Saturday and Sunday. These proceedings and voting sessions are now being livestreamed.   Additionally, a special session of the General Assembly has been tentatively scheduled for the last week of May.

Senator Bailey shares the concerns expressed by many constituents in District 29 and across the State about holding the remainder of this Session on a rushed timetable with the public not allowed in the legislative complex.  The General Assembly has a Constitutional obligation to pass the Operating Budget before adjourning.  Beyond that, much of what is being considered at this time is necessary legislation to ensure that State and local governments can function going forward, as well as legislation that both the House and the Senate have already heard during a public hearing and voted to pass.  Senator Bailey does not believe that these are appropriate circumstances or economic conditions to consider legislation that will cause significant increases in spending or require tax increases.    

Today, Governor Hogan announced additional actions aimed at limiting the spread of coronavirus in Maryland.  You can read about these actions in this press release from the Governor’s Office: