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Session 2023-Week 11

Happy Maryland Day!  Senator Bailey was honored to have the opportunity to speak yesterday at Historic St. Mary’s City to celebrate the anniversary of Maryland’s founding.  In his remarks, the Senator shared how the State is continuing to support HSMC and helped to honor those who have made a significant contribution to the preservation of this important part of our community and our State.

Lucille Walker, Executive Director of Southern Maryland Heritage Area and Senator Bailey present remarks at the 2023 Maryland Day Festivities in Historic St. Mary’s City.

Crossover Day

Three more of Senator Bailey’s bills passed the Senate prior to the crossover deadline on Monday.  Senate Bill 422, which establishes a Black Bass Conservation Fund; Senate Bill 611, which an Environmental and Natural Resources Crimes Unit in the Office of Attorney General; and Senate Bill 639, which updates and modifies the governance and structure of the Historic St. Mary’s City Commission, will now go to the House of Delegates for their consideration.

House Bill Hearings

With crossover having passed, Senator Bailey is now beginning to present his bills before House committees.  On Tuesday, the Senator presented Senate Bill 61, which expands the ability of local governments to provide property tax credits for public safety officers, to the Ways and Means Committee.  Senator Bailey also presented Senate Bill 74, which treats drunk driving and drunk boating the same when considering whether someone is a repeat offender, to the Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

Senate Passes Operating Budget

Also on Thursday, the Senate passed its version of the State’s Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2024.  The Budget as passed by the Senate is balanced without requiring tax increases, reserves funding for tax relief proposals, and makes a substantial investment in the State’s Rainy Day Fund while spending less money than last year overall. 

Senator Bailey was proud to vote for and be involved in the consideration of this Budget in his first year as a member of the Senate’s Budget and Taxation Committee.  The Budget will now be considered by a conference committee to work out the differences between the House and the Senate.