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Session 2024-Week 10

The Maryland Veteran’s Caucus Breakfast with the Governor & Lt. Governor
(Credit: Executive Office of the Governor)

This week, the Senate passed two bills sponsored by Senator Bailey in support of Maryland’s veterans. 

On Tuesday, Senator Bailey presented Senate Bill 1178 to the Education, Energy and Environment Committee.  This legislation removes vague language in the statute creating the Douglas J. J. Peters Veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq Conflicts Scholarship that was being interpreted to deny some veterans of these conflicts access to this scholarship.  This bill received a favorable report from the Committee at the bill hearing and has since passed the full Senate.

The Senate also passed Senate Bill 712, revising last year’s legislation instituting reporting requirements for State-owned nursing homes, including Charlotte Hall Veterans Home.  This legislation was introduced at the request of the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure that all reports of deficiencies and enforcement actions at these facilities, which are required because of legislation sponsored by Senator Bailey last year, are delivered to the Governor and General Assembly in a timely and efficient manner.

As a member and former Senate vice chair of the Maryland General Assembly’s Veterans Caucus, Senator Bailey is proud to have supported these and other initiatives this session in support of Maryland veterans.

Other Veterans Legislation

This year, the General Assembly has considered a number of bills for our State’s veterans.  The following legislation has passed the Senate and been sent to the House of Delegates for their consideration:

Senate Bill 55 – Vehicle Laws – Disabled Veteran Registration Plates – Issuance authorizes the MVA to issue a special disabled veteran registration plate to an individual who is between 50% and 99% service-connected disabled.

Senate Bill 88 – Maryland Commission on Veterans and Military Families establishes the Maryland Commission on Veterans and Military Families.  The commission must study and make recommendations for developing and implementing a statewide strategic plan to make Maryland the best state for veterans and military families.

Senate Bill 411 – Department of Veterans Affairs – Renaming and Deputy Secretary of Military Family Policy and Programs renames the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs to be the Department of Veterans and Military Families and the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to be the Secretary of Veterans and Military Families. The bill also requires the appointment of a Deputy Secretary of Military Family Policy and Programs.

Senate Bill 412 – Mental Health Law – County Mental Health Advisory Committees – Membership adds a person who has experience with mental health care for veterans or individuals serving in the military to the list of persons that can be appointed to a county mental health advisory committee.

Senate Bill 413 – Discrimination – Military Status – Prohibition prohibits discrimination based on an individual’s “military status” in places of public accommodation, housing, employment, financial transactions, education, insurance, the provision of public utility services, and State personnel actions.

Senate Bill 533 – Fishing and Hunting Licenses and Trout Stamps – Complimentary Licenses and Stamp Exemption – Veterans Determined to be Unemployable authorizes the Department of Natural Resources to issue a lifetime complimentary angler’s license, a lifetime complimentary Chesapeake Bay and coastal sport fishing license, and a lifetime complimentary hunting license to veterans who the federal Department of Veterans Affairs determines is “unemployable.”

Additionally, the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs provides numerous resources to assist our State’s veterans and their families.  More information about the Department’s work and what resources they have for veterans is available at their website,