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Session 2024-Week 12

Senator Bailey providing remarks on Maryland Day before the Senate.

Like many of us, Senator Bailey was shocked and saddened by the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge on Tuesday.  His prayers are with the families of those who lost their lives and the communities that have been impacted by this horrific accident.  The General Assembly will be considering legislative proposals to respond to this incident in the time remaining during this session.

Legislative Update

With the final day of the legislative session approaching on April 8, the General Assembly continued to hear and vote on legislation this week, primarily on bills that have crossed over from the opposite chamber.  Six more of Senator Bailey’s bills received a hearing in the House of Delegates this week, and several of his sponsored bills are currently advancing through the House’s legislative process towards final passage.

On Friday, the House of Delegates unanimously passed Senate Bill 130.  This bill is one of Senator Bailey’s sponsored bills intended to improve public safety in our state and would increase the maximum sentence for indecent exposure in the presence of a minor.  This legislation will now go to the Governor for his consideration.

Budget Update

The General Assembly also continues to work on passing the State’s operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  On Wednesday, a conference committee comprised of Senators and Delegates from the budget committees met to discuss differences between the two chambers’ budget proposals.  This committee will continue its work next week.  Senator Bailey continues to support passing a balanced budget without tax increases, as the Senate has proposed.

Maryland Day

Monday was Maryland Day, marking the 390th anniversary of the arrival of the Ark and the Dove at St. Clement’s Island.  To celebrate this occasion, Senator Bailey was asked to give remarks to the Senate at that evening’s floor session.  The Senator spoke about some of the great historical events that have occurred in District 29 and the designation of Southern Maryland as a National Heritage Area by the Federal government.  He also thanked his colleagues for their support of important historical sites throughout our area as well as the Fort to 400 Commission, which is currently working to organize the celebration of the State’s 400th anniversary in 10 years.